About us


Rentmygodown is launched in the year 2020, it is owned and operated by Transway Logistics and Consultancy Services (TLCS) a Hyderabad based 3PL company.

Today the demand for storage space in the market is very high and competitive, every company may not be in a strong financial position on the raising costs to invest in real estate sector to own a commercial land or a property, the companies planning to expand their presence in markets has got many challenges from various supplychain areas and among them the distribution of products to the markets(downstream) and also the storage of raw materials for production (Upstream), the risk of transportation cost on one side is very high and the risk of ownership of commercial lands is another subject where the expansion plans are affected badly with the later. In such a scenario companies are approaching the real estate companies for the rental or lease purpose at certain rate per sq.ft. The land lords or owners of the buildings are letting out their properties for best deals to the companies who has a potential growth in expansions and catering to their new or existing markets. The reason for a new storage space is depending on various factors such as

1. Rental hikes beyond the budgets

2. Poor maintenance of the premises 

3. Expansions of products or SKUs

4. Stocking of excess inventories to meet raising demands (Esp seasonal products)

5. Competitive rental offers for the tenants with a world class infrastructure

On the aforesaid factors the major one is the last point 5. Where every company aspires of getting a world class infrastructure with good amenities and safe storage for their products at a reasonable rental price.

Keeping in view of the modern requirements and availability of infra for the companies seeking a competitive price from the owners or land lords TLCS has designed a new SaaS application built on react JS. The application provides easy access to the owners to post their properties which can be viewed and accessible by the tenants location wise. The properties are mainly including storage spaces such as PEBs, Stores, Ambient Storage, Open storage yards, Cold Storage.

The visitors can access the information posted by the owners at free of cost and there will be no charges. Whereas the owners who want to post their properties has to choose respective packages to advertise on RENTMYGODOWN.

RENTMYGODOWN is an Exclusive Powerful UX tool, strictly for the B2B Industrial storage space rentals only, it doesn’t include any other spaces like Co-working, office space or properties for sale etc.